Paintball Prague

Come, play and take the first place!!! Try out what can your team do under your command or make a team with your friends and claim victory. As all winners your team gets medals and coupons for 100pcs of paintballs

Adrenaline ride in Lamborghini

Are you looking for an unusual adrenaline experience associated with car and fast ride? Have you ever dreamed of driving a ragged car and everyone will turn around for you how fast you go? We will fulfill this dream! We

The Cheapest Quad Bike Rental in Prague

We are the cheapest Quad Bike rental in Prague. Wide dirt tyres and the best taken out of bikes – that’s the Quad Bike. Connected to a strong engine, it’s a vehicle that likes it rough. Mount one right now!

Expedition missions to untouched nature

We have prepared expeditionary missions for you to the untouched nature of Albania, Morocco, Ukraine, Romania or Montenegro. Come with us to immerse yourself in deep, untouched nature, wild rivers and mountain ranges. from 15980 CZK for two persons with

We Provide Free Transport from the Final Stops of the Metro Lines A, B, C:

Depo Hostivař (Line A): we wait right outside the metro at the Mol gas station, located on the right side. Černý most (Line B): we wait right outside the metro at the Taxi stand, located on the right side cca 40 metres towards the Bus Terminal. Opatov (Line C): we wait right outside the metro at the parking lot cca 50 metres from the station.

The Only Adrenaline Track in Prague

Make your or your friend’s childhood dream come true.



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