Firewalking – Transition of hot coal

Firewalking – Transition of hot coal
The potential of the HUMAN mind far exceeds our common needs. The average person uses about 3 percent of brain capacity.

However, the unused potential of the mind is sometimes used unconsciously by ourselves. Almost every one of us has one or more mental blocks in his mind. Everyone has something from the past, family, school or some relationship.

These personal blocks manifest at the emotional level like fear, doubt and anxiety that unknowingly prevent us from fully exploiting our potential.

FireWalk is more like just physically burning carbon at a temperature of 700 to 800 degrees Celsius – FireWalk is a mental process. It requires either concentrating and focusing your mind and target… or treating burns of varying degrees.

Which option do you choose?

The price is 1900kč per person and for 3 people is 4500kč