Adrenaline ride in Lamborghini

Are you looking for an unusual adrenaline experience associated with car and fast ride?
Have you ever dreamed of driving a ragged car and everyone will turn around for you how fast you go? We will fulfill this dream!
We will lend you one of the most coveted cars in the world and of course we will teach you to control it first. After that, you will be able to sit behind the steering wheel and depress the accelerator pedal and let it stop in the seat thanks to rapid acceleration.
15 minutes driving as a Lamborghini passenger
It is necessary to pay a fuel surcharge of CZK 399 on the spot.
The product contains 15 min. driving … 999 Kč
30 minutes driving as a Lamborghini driver.
A fuel surcharge of CZK 599 is required to pay for the product.
The product contains 30 min. … 1699 Kč incl